My 7 Links

Well even though my blogging experience is in its rookie stages, along with my photography ( a.k.a -food pornagraphy) and writing skills ( a.k.a.- destruction of the english language ahaha)….  I have been tagged to participate in “ My 7 Links ” and I have humbly excepted ….This oppurtunity was presented to me by a friend that I must admit ….was the match that started the fire for my blog…and she is a writer of an excellent blog herself, Haein Park from

With a bashfulness i didnt realize I had…Im usually a straight up foward, dont give a dang person…I have attempted to try my best and share with you my thoughts about my own blogs…..

Its harder than I thought ….to critique your own work……

the catagories are as follows…

1. Most Beautiful
2. Most Popular
3. Most Controversial
4. Most Helpful
5. Most Surprisingly Successful
6. Most Neglected
7. Post I Am Most Proud Of

Now i do not have many post…. since my Blog is only a few months old…But i will try my best.

1. Most Beautiful

Red Curry Porkchops with Purple Potatoes and Snap Peas tossed in a Thai Ginger Butter

I Believe this is the most beautiful, due to overall recipe…the flavors , colors and textures presented in this plate really stands out. the contrast of Red , Brown, Purple , Green….It all just makes me happy looking at it…the colors them selves bringing a warmth to your soul like an artist does with a canvas or nature with a rainbow. The flavors are amazing with Sweet coconut milk , Ginger, Lime Leaves, Garlic, A little heat from Hawaiian Chile Pepper…..Simply Delicious..

2. Most Popular

Homemade Spinach and Bacon White Pizza

This was my first post…I wanted to do something easy and since my Sous Chef at the time was making fun of New York Pizza….I had to post this recipe as my first…and it has been a success since…I have picked it becasue , it hasnt recieved the most hits…But it has recieved the most comments and remarks from people making the recipe more than once…which i take as a positive mark that it is a good dish.

3. Most Controversial

Marinated Grilled Leg Of Lamb

I gave this the most controveritsial, because when i made this …..i made it for my family back home that never really had lamb before….let alone a leg of lamb, so it was considered a culinary expedition for most my nephews, sister and was an awsome experience for me to bring this simple but robust and distint flavored meal to thier palate .
 4. Most Helpful


if your a single individual that lives on your own ………or married and have a family …this is the recipe i say is most helpful….you can make this delicious quiche for Breakfast…or pair it with a salad and eat it for a light lunch…It can be filled with what ever are your favorite meats cheese and vegtables…such as the spinach and bacon like i have in this one..or another one of my favorites are Tomato and Leeks with Grueyre Cheese….the combinations are endless …its cheap to make and who doesnt like eggs? If you got a problem with eggs you need to see a professional…hahaha
 5. Most Surprisingly Successful

Homemade Spinach and Bacon White Pizza

When i made this item….I didnt think it would be that big of a deal…it was my first post and i just wanted to test the waters with this new hobby of mine…my Blog….I never expected to get the reception that i did.
 6. Most Neglected

Ricotta Gnocci with Braised Beef

This is a dish that i thought would produce plenty of hits , but for some reason i think people are afraid of it. Possibly thinking its a difficult and time consuming recipe and its out of thier league….but in all actuallity…… it is so simple and so worth it…..Still my favorite and hopefully it will catch on some day.
 7. Post I Am Most Proud Of

Penil ( Puerto Rican Pork Roast )

This is THE ONE….. this is the one i am most proud of…. I was able to take a dish from my child hood…something that i use to travel hundreds of miles for when i was in college….Puerto Rican families have small private wars about …who’s Abuelita or Madre makes the best…..I was able to take this recipe and implement flavors that really describes me,…my history…. my personal touch ….and my lifes passion …..and i am able to share it with anyone who wants to try it.

So thats my 7….Simply to taste…..where im not trying to be fancy and flaunt my skill level….where im not trying to write a book….just a place where i can share with the world and the friends that support me…my favorite dishes and recipes.

Now I have to tag 5 Blogs!

1. A Passion for Food

2. Salt Shaker

3. Blue Kitchen

4. Food Wishes

5. Taste Food Blog



2 responses

  1. Joe!

    This is awesome! I love how you took on the challenge despite your blog still being a “baby.”
    The penil pork roast looks awesome, I think I tried making that before.. it’s the one with a lot of oregano right? I think I overdid the oregano though. I’ll have to try it again soon!

    Love the post and pics!

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