The perfect ” Late Night Sandwich ”

The perfect late night sandwich..also refered to as the Dagwood…after the famous Blondie comic strip, where Dagwood Bumsted would make huge overbearing midnight sandwiches from everything in the fridge! Never forgetting the single Olive with a toothpick on top to hold it all together….Killa Grindz!

Sorry had to add this is …one of the best burgers i ever had…Braddah Pat makes a mean Burger!

Well if you find your self dragging in to the house late night….with a whiskey buzz and an adrenaline kick from Coke backs, Killer Rock, and Hot Chica’s ….and a bottomless hunger that can only be filled with a sumptuous creation of monstrous proportions?????????? then chances are you made a Dagwood a few times.

Basically im not gonna tell you how to or what to make since the greatest thing about a Dagwood is individual preference…its like art . No 2 are the same.

But i will just say they are basic requirements to a true Dagwood…and i will go over this very small list…

1. the Bread….NO a Dagwood cannot be made with wraps…that would be called a Pepe….The bread needs to be spectacular. The type that’s moist, with agood crust, dense enough so that it doesn’t break with the loads of carnivorous love on it. preferably a full flavor source that will give a beautiful frame to the master piece you have created..

2. the Sauce….Mayo, mustard, ketchup..whatever is to your liking…But true Dagwooders don’t stop there…We develop and invent new adding ingredients from around the world or in every cupboard till we find the ultimate flavor source…sirachi and peanut butter, anchovies and roasted garlic, sweet chili and mayo….Blue Berry and mint Jam with BBQ sauce for those Beefy Sammies…Its endless and the best part of the Dagwood…its the nail in the building process…make it perfect.

3. The crispy fresh veg….or just the veg…it is a necessary item. It adds contrast and texture to the Dagwood. Its like the color to a painting…The sistine chapel with no art…your Micheangelo…make the 8th wonder of the world on a plate! and get creative…lettuce , tomato, onion…classic! ….Braised endive, Parsley puree with 3 minute eggs smashed into the bread ( don’t knock it till you try it ), chipolte mayo …damn im getting hungry…..thats going the extra mile!

4. the substance…the carnage…the whole reason for this venture! MEAT! yes it has to be meat…dont get me wrong, i love tomato sandwiches just as much as any vegetarian..but at this time of night….this quest to fill the pit of oblivion in your tummy…you need meat…. a lot of meat. and preferably red meat, but any delicate flavorful delicious meat will do. Hell one of my favorite Dagwoods is a fried bologna sandwich with asian coleslaw and BBQ chips crushed on top with Siriachi sauce drizzled all over the top for some heat to cut thru the richness… god its good.

5. Napkins, towels, shirt ……anything to wipe the drool from your lips when you dig into the greatness of your imagination…the Iron Chef Mastery, the culinary creativeness of a whiskey drunken gastro master guru!!! Get your grindz on!






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