Furikake Whole Wheat Pasta with Seared Beef and Egg

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Who doesn’t like pasta?

its one of the greatest inventions ever! right up there with sliced bread! it versatile and can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner…So why does everybody say its unhealthy?

Well it’s because most people don’t know that portion control is the key to eating healthy…as well as the ingredients put in… Those huge plates of Pasta and Meat balls seen on those old Italian movies are not a single serving, but is called family style …everyone had a small plate from that huge portion! A small portion of pasta is a great source of carbs and fuel for the body to run on through out the whole day. So before you go to the extreme of cutting good food out of your life…..think about it and enjoy it…..just dont let the glutton-beast take over.

This recipe is a simple easy and flavorful option, that is extremely good for you.

6 oz – whole wheat spaghetti

2 Tbls of Furikake < furikake is the salt and pepper of japan. it’s a simple Japanese condiment made from dried seaweed and sesame seeds.>

sprinkle of fish sauce

1/8 tsp of Low sodium soy sauce

sprinkle of sesame oil

3 oz of Lean beef ( grilled/seared with Salt and Pepper and sliced thinly. This also goes great with shrimp, fish, chicken you name it )

1 egg


Cook the pasta as you normally would and sear off the beef and slice thinly. ( I usually use left overs from a steak dinner the night before ) In a separate bowl add the soy sauce, fish sauce and sesame oil. Whisk together.  Drain the pasta well and add to the bowl and toss well. If it seems a little dry add a tablespoon of pasta water and toss again. Add the furikake to the pasta making sure to keep a little to sprinkle over the egg.  Sautee an egg sunny side up and sprinkle a little of the Furikake on top. Build you bowl….Pasta, beef , Egg…….( Side not i like the egg sunny side up , so that when you break the yolk it becomes the sauce and if your pasta is hot its amazing.) . I am a fan of Heat and spice , so i like to add Sirrachi as a drizzle, but you can add Black Pepper, torgashi…what ever you actually like. Hope you enjoy it!


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